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Hello and thanks for visiting metro minis nyc. We carry great hand picked products related to babywearing and natural parenting.  My name is Bianca and I am the founder, owner, online operation manager and basically doing most of the things behind the scene of metro minis.  I am a babywearing enthusiast, yogini and mama to a 10 year old boy. My son was the inspiration to start spreading the babywearing love all around nyc and the world.

I had a very  rough start finding a baby carrier that would work for me after my son was born in 2003. Finally successful, I dived into the wonderful world of "slinging" and founded the Slings in the City group. The goal was to help and find other parents that had the same passion like me: "babywearing". The group took off and the natural progression was to start selling baby carriers: First from my home, then on the web under Slingzilla and finally metro minis was born in 2007. Voila! For 6 years I had a retail location in NYC on 75th and Park Ave. It was an amazing learning experience and the metro minis team helped thousands of expecting and new parents to find the perfect baby carrier or baby sling. I am really proud that I was one of the people that started the babywearing movement in NYC. 

In February 2013 I refocused metro minis to an education model and online store. We offer babywearing clinics in several places all over new york city. Please take a look at our schedule to see if we are in your neighborhood. We also travel to your home for private consultation. Have a bag of hand me down carriers? Or need guidance with what carrier would be best for your lifestyle metro minis can help. 

Want to connect?  My personal twitter, friend me on Facebook or follow me on Instagram

I am working with two amazing fellow babywearing educators Koyuki and Tiffany please take a look at their biographies. We hope to see soon at one of our local events and if you are not in NYC stay tuned for our virtual classes and hang outs. 


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